AquaMarine Diving - Bali's Day Trip to Nusa Penida/Manta Point (BALI)

AquaMarine Diving - Bali's Day Trip to Nusa Penida/Manta Point (BALI)

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay aka Penida Bay is the best known dive site in Bali for seeing Mola-Mola (Ocean sunfish) during the July to mid-November season.

Whether for Mola-Mola diving or not, although it can be a little surgy, entry and exit is always done within the shelter of Crystal Bay itself.

You’ll see a large rock isolated on the edge of the bay, marking the edge of the channel. The hard coral reef starts at 5m, has a white sand base, and is covered with anemones and soft corals. Marinelife includes angelfish, sweetlips, frogfish, Banded sea snakes and many Moorish idols. You can also expect to see occasional Wobbegong sharks and Manta rays. Below 27m we often find Decorated dartfish.

Following the north side of the bay around, we come to a Bat Cave: Enter from underwater, surface inside the cave (which is open to the sky) where bats sleep overhead – big waves may crash in through the top. Sometimes small reef sharks are in the cave, but they generally leave when divers arrive.

Continuing along the (very deep) wall from the Bat Cave at 20-24m, the hard corals provide homes for a number of lobsters.

Because this area is in Ceningan Channel, when there is a current present, and due to the coldness of the water from the Indian Ocean, there is also definitely the opportunity to see reef sharks, Eagle rays and also (if you’re lucky) Leopard, Wobbegong and Guitar sharks.


Manta Point I

Manta rays can be seen year-round along most of Nusa Penida’s south west coast

This area of coastline has dramatic limestone cliffs that descend straight into the ocean. On occasion the currents prevent even AMD-B’s powerful boats from reaching the divesite.

In addition, although we do not encounter currents here, the swell can make entry impossible. There’s a sandy bottom at 12-18m, however the Cleaning Station (a large rock) which is the focus of most dives here, is only 5m below the surface.


Sental, PED, SD

These three sites are located on the coral reef that runs the length of Nusa Penida’s north coast and offer great drift diving. The reef has a lot of soft corals, and also many kinds of fish, such as Moorish idols, sweetlips, lionfish, moray eels, scorpionfish, White-tip reef sharks and Napoleon wrasse.

The reef (3-25m) is mainly a steep slope with flattened (by the current) Barrel sponges and, at Ped, areas of Staghorn coral with some stretches of deep wall (particularly between Ped and Sental). Visibility is usually 18-30m.

Around 20-25m on this slope there is a good chance of seeing large pelagics (ocean-going fish) eg: Manta and Eagle rays, White-tip and Black-tip reef sharks, tuna, barracuda, and even Mola-Mola, due to the currents.

Include Hotel Pick up/Drop off in South Bali (Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Denpasar), Transport (land & boat where applicable), 3 Dives, PADI Divemaster or above (max. ratio 1:4), Mask/Snorkel, Booties/Fins, Weightbelt/12L Tanks, Lunch and drinking water, Local fees and porterage, Free use of beach towels, Diver Insurance.
Exclude BCD Rental IDR70,000/Day, Wetsuit Rental IDR70,000/Day, Regulator Rental IDR70,000/Day, Dive Computer Rental IDR136,500/Day, 15L Tank IDR70,000/Dive

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  • Fasilitas :Pick up & Drop off from South Bali Accommodation, 3 Dives, PADI Divemaster or above, Full Dive Equipment (exclude Dive Computer), Lunch & Bottled Water, Local Tax & fees, Porters, Free use of beach towel, Diver Medical Insurance
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